München, Sommer 1994

Das eine Mal, als wir Stefan Raab getroffen haben.

Darek, Stefan, Lünni, Selinger, ich. Man was sah ich sche*sse aus. Ja meine Güte, es waren eben die Neunziger. Während der Woche in Müchen habe ich mir übrigens auch “Music for the jilted Generation” von The Prodigy gekauft. Coolness-Level also halbwegs wieder eingependelt. Halbwegs


Terrassenfest 2010

In den Katakomben meines Fileservers habe ich noch Bilder von längst vergessenen Events gefunden. Eins davon ist das Terrassenfest der FH Osnabrück aus dem Jahr 2010. Zu der Zeit habe ich noch in OS gewohnt, es war also fast vor meiner Haustür. (Selbst Orte, die ‘weit weg’ sind, befinden sich in Osnabrück quasi vor Deiner Haustür; Es ist halt alles eine Frage des Maßstabs.)


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Night of the Graduates November 2014

Due to various reasons (and only some of them are cool) I haven’t done a lot of jobs as a lightjockey within the last 2 years. But destiny seems to be on my side at the moment and so I had the chance to do the lights and visuals at the ‘Graudate’s Ball 2014’ in Osnabrück. the whole event was very professionally done so it was very much like an industrial event. Dates like these are mainly characterized by a rather fixed timetabel and a somewhat limited necessity for pure creativity and next-generation-visuals. It has to work and it has to work on time. That’s why you are there, that’s what you are paid for (mostly).


The event already started with a delay. I had to get from Hamburg to Osnabrück and was more than an hour late even before anything happened at all. Fortunately I knew about the fact that most things were already set up at the venue. This was one of those jobs I’d like to describe as a ‘Kofferjob’. Get there, get out your Laptop and voila! No need for building up an entire stage structure, cabling etc.


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