MPC One Battery Mod

Akai’s MPC One definitely is my favourite toy at the moment. However, I noticed that the necessity for a wall plug killed the vibe one too many times. Even though I may be sitting at my rather well organized desk it’s simply annoying having to deal with cables and all of this stuff.

Have no fear, there’s an easy fix. It’s called: Battery. There are discussions on the net whether it’s okay to drive the MPC One with 5 Volts even though it ‘officially’ needs 19 Volts input. It seems to be ‘working’ but I wouldn’t be too sure about long term implications. I’d rather be safe than sorry that’s why I ordered a battery pack which is capable of providing 19 Volts output:

I didn’t have the best experiences with Velcro in the past. That’s why I gave 3M’s ‘Dual Lock’ a chance:

Cable management could still be improved but it’ll do for the moment.

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