Numark TT-200 Repair

Dang! My turntable broke. When hitting the Start-Button it just didn’t move. When given a little ‘hint’ into one direction it started spinning (forward or backward). Break mechanism didn’t work either. It didn’t stop instantly but kept on spinning, slowly decreasing its speed.

Must either be something with the motor’s solenoids or with the driver.

This baby is way too old for thinking about warranty so let’s go.


Numark TT-200 upside down, case open.


There we go. That’s the motor ‘n stuff.


Checked the solenoids. Forutnately all six were okay. Rather precise 15 Ohm each.


The backside of the motor-driver (or is it the front side? who knows…). The heatsink for the driver has already been removed.



Ordered a new Driver IC at The guys over there are EXTREMELY fast and very cheap. Maybe they could take a little more care about packaging.


Back in the days I was only second best in my desoldering-class. I think this boy is broken so I don’t really care.


New IC installed perfectly


What can I say…after putting it all together (don’t forget to apply some thermal paste) it worked flawlessly. Great! so let’s just have a look at the costs: New turntable: 250 ( and up to 500) Euros. Spare motor: roughly 140 Euros. New driver IC: 11 Euros (including packaging)…unbeatable.


Somehow it’s a pity i still don’t have any reasons to buy me a set of 1200’s..

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