USB Angle

This one will be in English only (had so many german entries)…furthermore this is a (somehow) technical thing so it might be interesting to others than my direct peer group as well.


When making music with the band (or at least…trying to) I always pack my laptop’s USB-ports with external hard-drive, soundcard and the midi-interface. Due to the ports being attached sideways this always takes up a lot of space (and looks ugly as hell). I saw an USB-angle but it was too expensive and I wasn’t quite sure whether it would fit. That’s why I built my one ones.

That’s two USB-A-connectors. One male, one female


The details are way too simple to post here. Just imagine a picture of 4 wires being soldered between the connectors. The best and most important thing is the horrifying amount of hot glue I attached to make sure everything is kept in place for more than one usage. I built two of them because it was such a fun.


Tatatataaaa! If this ain’t nice then I don’t know =-)

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