Simple Projection Mapping

This beamer is attached to the outside of my balcony (and it surely does look a little bit like number 5….)

The beamer’s point of view into the backyard of the house i’m living.

Later that day. The blue-ish colour is caused by the beamer having no valid input signal. It helps to roughly align the beamer to cover most parts of the building.

First try. I wrote a little bit of software myself which helps creating masks for this kind of projection. The software covers the hole screen, paints it black and does nothing more than giving you the possibility to draw lines on the screen. The result can be copy-pasted into the graphic editor of your choice (irfan view is mine) and then be further processed.

Afterwards i created a short video from the finished mask which I use as a layer in Resolume 2. You could also use Resolume’s masking function but luma- and invers-luma-keying simply do better with videos than with masks.

The results are…not that bad at all. It’s just too dark for the camera to get the impression correctly but if the surrounding area is dimly lit I guess it will look killer.

(The noise in the backbround is caused by some train passing by…yes, I AM living next to a railroad…

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