SP404 MK2 custom Adapters

Yes I know: I DO have G.A.S: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It’s nothing new to me. However, this will probably (not) be the last investment into gear: The amount of space I have for storing gear ist literally zero.

Having a new type of gear always makes me wonder which adapters might be useful. Let’s begin…

The headphone jack of the SP404 is originally located on the lower left side. absolutely okay but during the first test runs I more than once accidentally hit the headphone-connector a little too hard for my liking. So I decided to build an adapter to use the Line-Out which is situated on the top left of the device as a headphone-jack.

Next up: An additional power adapter. The unit itself can be powered via 6 AA batteries, via USB or via external power from a wall wart. Using batteries you can achieve roughly 3,5 hours of standalone usage. Probably enough, especially for me but I wanna be prepared just in case I am sitting in a fancy café and inspiration hits me (like … in the commercials, you know?).

I already own a 20Ah USB power bank (as shown here: https://andyland.info/wordpress/?p=8182 ) which I would like to be able to use instantly so I built the next adapter. Using an adapter instead of a dedicated customized cable allows me to use any kind of USB cable as long as I have the adapter at hand.

Off we go:

And finally … plain simple USB adapter cable. You’ll just never know.

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